Sexy Renu – A sweet memory

Hi fans. I had been a regular reader of stories and always I wished to share my experience to all of you. Today I found time to share one of my rececnt experience.

I am Rahul I am 27 yrs old with a good physique. I recently got transferred to Mumbai and rented an apartment. I settled down and happened to meet my neighbour Renu. She was 29 yrs old and had a superb structure. She was 36 – 24 –38. I frequented to her home and very soon we became good friends. She was married and I hardly saw her husband in town. We spoke about everything under the sun but not about sex.

The incident happened one Sunday afternoon when I visited her place. She welcomed me and introduced myself to her niece Divya who was just 17 yrs.old. I had a chat with divya and she said she is going for a movie and said shall meet later and left for the movie. Renu said she has to wash the clothes and asked me to help myself. I asked her about her husband she replied as usual out of town. She was wearing a blue colour night gown and she was looking really sexy in that. I settled myself on the couch watching T.V. I didn’t have any intentions to fuck her but I knew she is not satisfied with her sex life and I wished I would satisfy her if she wanted me to.

Suddenly I heard he screaming from the bathroom for help. I rushed to the bathroom and found her lying on the floor. She had slipped and got herself hurted. I lifted her up and brought her to her bedroom and laid her on the bed. She said her ankle is paining a lot and started crying. I soothed her and asked her to relaz. I took some pain balm and started massaging her ankle.she felt good and after sometime she had a relief from the pain and thanked me and complimented on my massaging skill. As she tried to get up she felt pain in her back. I asked her whether she needs me to massage her over there she said she will be happy if I could. I thought that today I will satisfy her to the fullest. I slowly started massaging her shoulders and then her back. I felt a bulge in my trousers and my 8 inc d was getting harder and harder. I asked her if she needs and oil massage to which she readily agreed. I asked her to remove her gown to which she felt shy at first but later she removed the gown and Wow what a wonderful sight it was. She really had a sexy figure and she was lying in front of me only in bra and panties. At this site my dick grew to the fullest and I started to feel uncomfortable to keep it inside my trousers. I commented to her that she had a sexy figure, she gave a smile for that and thanked me. She lied on her stomach and I started massaging her. then there was silence and her breath was only heard. I understood that she is getting aroused. I slowly unbuttoned her bra and let I fall. She didn’t say anything and I got confident and knew she wants it from me. I reached to her armpits and down and cupped her boobs. And slowly caressed them she gave a soft moan.those were perfect shaped boobs with a silky feel. then I reached to her buttocks and slowly squeezed them she again moaned. I asked her permission to remove the panties for which she moaningly said yes as a bride says at her first night to her husband. I pulled down her panties and saw her voluptuous arse. I massaged her arse for a while and then kissed her buttocks to which she shivered with pleasure. I slowly started licking her inner thighs, she started to spread her legs. I dick was totally mad and wanted to jump out of my trousers. I removed my trousers and asked her to turn around.
she looked at my dick and said Wow this is double the size of my husband’s. I looked down and saw the most beautify pussy on earth. It was fully shaven and looked very cute. I kissed her on her lips and reached to her boobs. I swirled my tongue around her soft nipples and she moaned with pleasure. I sucked her boobs and licked it like eating an ice candy. I reached to her bellybutton and showered kisses on it. then I reached to her mount and she smelled really nice. I am a great pussy licker and started to lick her pussy. She shivered and started moaning with pleasure as someone is licking her pussy lips for the first time. She held my head and pressed between her legs. I pulled her pussy lips with my wet lips and slowly let is go and she moaned with pleasure and kept saying dear eat my pussy … eat my pussy ………Then I went on 69 position. She held my 8 inc cock and started sucking it, I reached to the heavens. I then started tongue fucking her. I inserted my tongue into her vagina and started making round circles inside with my tongue. She moaned with great pleasure and reached top of the world. ooooooh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh plllllllllllllllleeeeee fuck me dear I haven’t had sex since my first night pllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeee come into me. My dick also badly needed her pussy. I inserted my dick into her vagina and started fucking her. at first with a slow pace and as my dick was inside her fully I started to increase my pace. She was enjoyed each pump of mine. then I asked to come in doggie position. I fucked her hard in doggie position and I was cupping her boobs and squeezing nipples which had turned hard as a rock. then she said she is about to come and even I was about to come. I pumped my whole cum into her sweet pussy and even she unloaded her. we slept on the bed for few minutes and later washed ourselves. She thanked me for giving such a wonderful time and asked me to lick her pussy once again as she liked me doing so. She came in 69 position and was lying over me I Started licking her pussy and she was sucking my cock.

At this moment her niece divya entered the room and saw us in 69 position licking each other and both of us moaning in pleasure. Suddenly there was silence in the room. I then broke the silence saying hi Divya, don’t be embarrassed its all a part of life. She smiled back to me saying I also wish to be a part of life.

My House Owner ready for Sex

Hi my name is Reema, Now I am living in Singapore this is my true experience that happened when I was in Chennai 4 years ago. My family is small, my husband is doing small business in Chennai my son is 20 years of age he is studying hotel management We live in a small rented house in Chennai the house owner is my husband friend I am 42 years of age. I am very fair the house owner is a very good man he living with his wife his children is working in US. He is a retired government staff. My husband is doing the garment business. Our business was a failure in that time. My son fees is more than 90 thousand per year and most of our earnings spent for our son’s education.

The house owner help my husband to solve all the problem and he arrange visa for my husband to go to Gulf . My husband went to gulf. Me and my son live in the house. My son had completed the course and he joined as a management trainee in a star hotel.

One day house owner wife Rajeswari came to me and started talking about their sex life and she says at the old age her husband has wild interest in sex and she said she was pity for the poor man becoz he had failed to enjoy himself during his best times. I ask her what I should do for her. She told to me at my age I cant satisfy his hunger and I fell sorry for it and she said to me help her, she asked me to help her by having sex with her husband .

I became very angry and I shouted at her. I am a married woman and I am have a son of 20 years . Rajeswari started crying and fell on my foot and begged me to help her and she said u r not an outsider there will be no problem and I finally I said yes to her. She became very happy.

My son was doing the night duty he went to duty around 6 pm till 9Am. I heard a door knock. I opened, the house owner entered and he said he had some headache shall I lay down in your bed and enter to the bed and call me to the bed and I enter to the room and he ask me to lay down. At first I hesitated and he force me to lay down on the bed suddenly my saree fall down and he saw my breast for few moments.

I suddenly cover it then he raise his elbow and continued to gaze my lips breast for long time then he suddenly kiss my cheeks and then slowly pulled my sari and my breast become un covered and he started rubbing my breast than I started moaning and he started remove my hooks of my blouse my boobs jump out and he started kissing the nipples of my boobs I started moaning and then he ask me to take the blouse completely after removing my blouse he started kissing my fleshy shoulders and he remove his lungi and he became naked I saw his penis it is six inch long and he suddenly climbed over me and I became nervous I was hardly breathing and put my arms over the old man and he take off my petticoat and I became naked and he started kissing my legs and I he ask me to bend like cow he put his hard cock into my ass hole I started crying in pain he move forward and backward after doing this he touch my cunt he then put his cock into my cunt I started moaning in pleasure I became impatient and ask him to move faster he fuck me for more than ten minutes this was my first experience with him.share this story :

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Myself Poonam Suchismitapati, from B.T.M. Colony, Jharsuguda sized 32-28-32 once again in front of you to express you a pleasure experience of mine. I am not a virgin lady. My experience began with my brother which I had not considered. My brother Japun aged 19 studied about me and perhaps he became grateful to know about me. He made a plan to have sex with me and also fucked me. I am describing my story as follows:
My cousin sister’s marriage party was fixed. My younger brother Japoon was with me on a drive to their town in the car. I was driving and he was sitting by my side. We were talking of others on the path. Suddenly he told me that, he was not thinking me as I am the type. I asked,” What u mean.” He said me that he knows all about me from a web side. He also said me that he is going to tell all about Papa very soon in the cafe. I got frightened but in courage asked him that what he has seen. He said me that he has seen my written SEX WITH JITU in the in the story website. I continued okey. And what are you going to tell about me.
He said,” Papa give Poonam to Jitesh, as Jitesh had done everything with her.” I said him that don’t to be do so. He said that he will not do anything like this if I will have favor to him. I understand what is he going to tell me about. Than he told me that he wants to see me whether I am virgin or not. I said how will you know of it? He said if I will be virgin than his cock will enter into my pussy in hard, if not that will enter softly. I said him that I am not a virgin and the story is real and why do you want to be a BAHANCHOD. He said that no one will know of that and he is not going to tell that to anyone. I said okay and where is he going to fuck me. He said that we can do it secretly inside a hotel. We went to a hotel and enjoyed ourselves very finely.
We both became naked. I said him to sit. He sat. I handled his cock softly. I shook that vividly. His cock became hard and more hard. He fucked me by Doggy style. Than I said him to sit quietly on the bed. He sat down. I put his cock on my mouth. He was swallowing my hairs. I put his cock in my mouths. Than I stood up and pointed my ASS towards his cock and sat on it. But unfortunately that slided and did not get to the destination. Than I said him to hold his cock up and I will sit on it. He hold that up and I sat on his cock.
First that went and than I became fast and he was also very first. We both enjoyed there for about three times till 04.00p.m. in the evening. Than we went to their home and on the path of returning also he took me to that hotel and fucked me hardly in that hotel. That time we used condoms and POWER CAPSULES and enjoyed ourselves more than that time. He is an ultimate man whom I got from home for pleasure. He said that he! will fuck me whenever he will got hot. I said yes. He said me to leave Jitesh from sex. I said yes and we left hotel.
Since that day I am not looking at others and whenever becomes hot I got sex from my own brother. I am aware of that whether he will totally destroy my pussy or not. As we are in own home and we do that most of the night. So I fear that if he will do me most than what shall I give my husband. There will be nothing for my husband as my every part would be damaged.share this story :

How i fucked my cousin Sister

Hi my name is rajeee i am 24yrs now it happened when I was 18yrs her name is ashu she is my cousin sister she was 14yrs by that time .cuming to the story it was Saturday we started drinking in the afternoon itself n we went to a film and again we had some drinks and it was 10.45 pm i went home n had some food n went 2 my room n locked inside n switched on the light to my surprise it was my cousin sister sleeping in my bed i had no idea of her n i called my friend n as usual n asked wat he was doing n 2mrw a plan he told me that I am busy going with her girl friend n i told him enjoy n disconnected the cal . N switched of the light n there was a watsapp message in my phone it was a video i started watching it it was a hard core one i was full hard n saw ashu nxt to me it was 11.30 pm she was in full sleep I always sleep in My underwear . She was in Chudidhar i slowly put my hand on top of her n slowly i put inside her top and my hand on her small boobs i took her hand n touched my cock it was 2 hard i was afraid n took of my hand n came 2 side n i call 2 my friend he is pramod 36yrs he is a big flirt i told him that my cousin wat will happen so he told wait i will cum 2 ur place n bring condoms it is already 12 .20 i took the key n slowly opened the door n he came inside n we went to the room n locked the door . He saw ashu n was shocked n took out the condoms n he had bought some man power pills n injection n he injected her n waited for 5 mins n he started removing her dress n she was in her panty n slip he told me enjoy her it my first fuck i told u do then i will do . He took the injection n injected himself n told me 2 go wait outside i will switch on the light then u can inside he told it was already 1 o’clock i went outside n was in hall waiting for 45min n slept in hall only i was awake n saw the time it was 2.50 n slowly came inside the room n switched on the light n was shocked he is hard fucking n she is awake n switched off the light n after 10min fuck he came 2 me n told u go i have told her he will cum n fuck n i was very angry on him i didn’t go n asked him u u did like this .he told that she is not virgin she had already had sex with her boyfriend n he told wait inject n go enjoy wat that I asked him he told it manpower i had no interest n slept in the floor he again went n till 5 in the morning he ducked her n he awake me n opened the door he went home i closed the door n went inside the room the condoms he had bought was not used n ashu was full tired n naked i could see his teeth Mark on her boobs n cum on her thighs n I asked her she told i can’t he fucked me for hours n cummed inside .I told her ok take rest n she got up at 10 am and had bath it was sunday n had breakfast n full tired n my mom asked her she lied its her period time . She came 2 my room n started crying n he had ducked her 3 to 4 times n convience her n told to take rest n went out to meet pramod . Nxt part i will tell u how I fucked her in resort with 2 friendsshare this story :

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Hi friends Yogesh here I am a big fan of this site. I have been visiting this site from quite a few years I live in Chennai. This happened to me when I was studying in my college. I am 26 years old now this happened when I was 17. I was seduced by neighbour she was 4 years older than me. She was 21 finished her education and she wasn’t working .she was always at home, she is a good looking girl I had a crush on her but she was older than me so i knew nothing is going to happen Between us . But I was wrong we did end up having sex.
i was living with my parents in a 2 bhk house she was too. We just moved to that house which was closer to my college. And they were living there from quite a while. So just after few days we became good friends. i go to their home and she comes here . She watches TV with my mom n her mom all day. If I had any doubts I ask her n she helps me out.
I have a room for myself and one day I was watching porn, and suddenly my mom called me and asked me to get some stuff from a nearby shop. I stopped the video adjusted my dick and minimized the video and went. I brought the stuff that my mom has asked and handed it over to my mom and went to my room. As I entered the room I was shocked she was sitting in my bed and using my laptop , she started laughing at me as I entered she said “hay what are u watching , u should have at least closed the tab ,what if someone else saw this” . I casually said “who will come n touch my laptop other than u, I should have been more careful”. Then she started making fun of me telling if I had a girlfriend I wouldn’t have to watch it. Then she asked whether I had any experience, I said “no”. Then I asked her whether she had any experience she said yes, I was surprised .she said, she had a boyfriend when she was in college. Then we casually had some general discussion then she left.
From that point I noticed that she started smiling more and touched me often whenever she got a chance. Then came the day when we did it, I saw that her parents were going somewhere with a couple of bags. I enquired her and she told me that they are going out of city to attend a relative’s marriage and they will be back in couple of days. My mom prepared dinner for her and we had it together. Then we were watching TV for some time.
She asked my mom whether she can stay here for the night because she has to sleep alone. My mom agreed, and asked her to sleep with her but we told my mom that we will sleep in the other room we will watch movie for some more time and sleep later. Then my mom said ok and went to her room. We were talking for some time and went to my bedroom and slept.
After some time I woke up and felt that someone was touching me I saw she was lying very close to me I didn’t make any sudden move she didn’t know I am awake . Her hand is inside my t-shirt and touching my chest she is feeling my chest my cock immediately became erect. She did that for few minutes and then went to my shorts and put her hand inside. I was not wearing any underwear, so she got easy access to my cock. Then she sat beside my shorts and pulled my shorts little bit down and my dick came out she went near and gave it a lick I was scared and enjoying at the same time. I saw that the bedroom door was not completely closed. It is partially open but still nothing will be visible from outside. She pulled my foreskin back and my rose colour tip is exposed she sucked it gently. I couldn’t control myself and gave a little jerk she got scared and came close to my ear and asked “are you awake “. I nodded my head, she hugged me tight. Then we kissed and I lifted her t-shirt till her neck and she helped me with her bra, I sucked her nipples then I placed my face between her boobs and rubbed my face there.
She grabbed my hand and guided me to her pussy she was wearing a track pant and panty under it I touched her pussy it was wet no hair. It was amazing I have never even seen a pussy and I am touching it. She grabbed my cock and stroking it I was rubbing her pussy I whispered in her ear “I want to see u naked now “she smiled and went near the bedroom door to lock it and switched the light on. Her boobs are already out then she pulled her track pant and panty down till her knees I knelt down and hugged her. My face was on her belly and I placed both my palms on her butt. I rubbed my face all over her belly and slowly went near her pussy and licked it. It was an odd taste then I looked into her eyes she was looking down at me and gave me a cute smile. I didn’t know what I was doing I licked it slowly she pushed my face on her pussy and rubbed it on my face for few moments and let my face go then I inserted my finger into her pussy she immediately closed her eyes and whispered “I want your dick inside”
She removed her pant and panty and lie on the bed. I came on top of her and kissed her and removed my shorts and tried to insert my dick, but she was in pain, she came close to my ear and whispered “lick my pussy and then insert it” I did as she said but still my dick didn’t go in then I took a little bit of coconut oil and applied on my dick and tried it now it’s going in but her pussy is very tight I slowly inserted my dick little by little and after some time my cock is Completely inside now she is smiling but I saw she had tears in her eyes too . Then I slowly fucked her for few minutes and I ejaculated inside her and hugged her and kissed her we both were laying like that for few minutes. She asked me “how was it, did u like it “I said “yes”. 
Then I went into the bathroom and washed my dick then she went and cleaned herself then I opened the bedroom door and we slept. I woke her up early in the morning and had one more session it was amazing. Next day I asked “what will happen if u get pregnant “she said don’t worry nothing will happen I will take care of it. We had so much fun for a couple of years then she got married and went to a different city.

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Hello every body. I am going to tell you my own true story. First of all I will tell you about my self. My name is “HOME-ALONE” obviously not a real name. My age is 22. I am a student of computers. I live in India with my Father and Mother. Usually I come from college at 4 p:m. Sometimes my father and mother goes outside the home for shopping and I became alone at the home.
It was also one of the evenings when mom and papa went outside the home to meet their relatives lived in different city. I was alone in home and watching the sexy pictures of girls on the computer. I had got a large collection of pics. All the pictures were of the naked girls with beautiful styles. I did not like the pictures of fucking and sucking. I was seeing the pictures and my dick was in my hand. At that time I had never fucked any girl and I was virgin. While I was seeing the pictures of the nude girls with my dick in my hand I listened the sound of the bell. I dressed up and went to the door to see who was outside. When I went outside I saw that a young girl was begging and she asked me to help her. I asked her to come inside the home and she did so. I had not thought negative about her. I took her to my room and asked her to sit on the chair. I asked her name. She told that her name is Kiran. I questioned her that why she beg in such age. She told that she belonged to a poor family. Her father had died due to poor health and they were so poor that could not admit her father in the hospital. She was the only daughter of her parents and she had no brother and now she lives alone with her mother. Her mother is also of poor health.She told me that she was hungry and wanted to eat something. So I went to the kitchen to bring something. I took bread and gave her to eat. When I had gone outside I had left my computer on. When I brought the bread for Kiran she was looking at the computer. There was a sexy screen saver running on the computer.

I felt very ashamed and quickly turned off the computer. I had never thought that the screen saver would run at such a moment. Kiran asked me about the things that were running on the computer. I was answer less and remained quite. She asked me that she wanted to see the thing that was happened on the computer. I was totally surprised on her request. I asked her that what she was saying. She again asked me that she wanted to see the things that were on the computer. I turned on the computer and showed her the sexy screen saver. She asked me that had I ever fucked any girl or boy. I told her that I was a virgin. She asked me that how was it if you lose your virginity. I was totally shocked I had never thought that such a beautiful girl would offer me to do so. She asked me to show her something on the computer.
Fortunately I had got a XXX CD so I put that CD in the CD-ROM and played the movie. When the movie started my dick also started to stand up. When the movie was running Kiran also started to get warm. She put her hand on my shirt and opened my buttons. I also started to unbutton her qamize. She put my pent down. When I had unbuttoned her qamize I took it off and tried to unhook her bra but as I had no previous experience of doing such a thing so I was unable to unhook her bra. She helped me to unhook the bra. I was amazed on the next moment when I saw her boobs. They were not too big and not small, they were of perfect shape and size. I had never seen such boobs in films or pictures. I started to suck them, as I was unable to control myself. She started to take my dick in her mouth. I had been used to hand practice. I had never felt such a good sensation in my whole life. I was enjoying the beautiful moments. The moments when you had seen first time a naked girl in front of you. I was about to cum when she was taking my dick in and out in her mouth. I told her that I was cumming but she didn’t care and I cummed in her mouth. She had drunk all of the sperms and taken them all in her stomach. My eyes were closed and I was enjoying the moments. After some time I started to lick her cunt. She was coming warmer and warmer. She was moaning with delight. Her cunt was wet and hot.

My dick started to get up again. Kiran had come to extremes of her delight and she started to cum. She was moaning louder and louder with pleasure. Meanwhile the home bell rang. I was afraid that my mom and papa had come. I asked Kiran to get under the bed. She got under the bed. I turned the computer off. Quickly washed my sperms and her fluid and went outside to open the door. My heart was beating and color of my face had gone. I opened the door and mom and papa went inside the home. Mom asked me that what was wrong and I told her that it was all right. I was thinking that if mom would see Kiran she would kill me. When mom entered the home she went to my room. Now I was very terrified and my heart was going to come out of my body. When she saw the utensils in my room she asked me that who had come in my room. I told her that I was hungry and took the bread in my room. She went to her room and I thanked God that she had not seen Kiran. But the trouble had not gone yet my father came into my room and turned on the computer. He usually played Free Cell on the computer.
When he started the game I knew that he would not went before two or three hours. My heart was beating. I thought that I Kiran would come out what would happen. Papa played the game for three hours and it was dark outside. When he went out of my room I locked the door and asked Kiran to come out. She came out of the bed. Her color had gone. I asked her that she could go to her home and I could drop her but I was amazed on her answer. She asked that it was too late and her house was far away so she could not go to her house. I asked her that then where would she stay the night if she would not went to house. She became quite. The telephone bell rang. I asked Kiran to get under the bed and she did so. I locked my room and gone to listen the phone. It was my uncle’s phone. He told me to call my father so I called my father and he listened the phone while he was listening the phone his face was changing expressions. Papa told me that my cousin had been injured in a road accident and they (mom and papa) had to go hospital and it was also possible that they would remain in the hospital for the night. Mom and papa went to the hospital. I went to my room and asked Kiran to come outside she asked me that what had happened and I told her the whole story. I took her to the TV cabinet and turned on the TV. I asked her to watch the TV and I went to the market to bring a XXX movie. The market was near to my home and I took the movie. She was watching the channel. I put the movie in the CD-ROM of my computer and the movie started.
We sat on the bed. I took her clothes off and she took my clothes off. We were totally naked. The movie was very sexy. The scenes of the film were very sexy. After watching movie for about fifteen minutes we started kissing. I kissed on her mouth when our lips met, I was feeling myself in another world, the world of wonder and delight. She gave me so much pleasure that it could not be explained on the page. We kissed each other for five minutes I was very hot. I sucked her boobs, the beautiful boobs. The boobs that were never seen and about which I had never listened. They were so firm and nicely shaped that I sucked them for a long time meanwhile she was rubbing her hands on my thighs. We came into a 69 position and I licked her cunt and she took my dick in her mouth. I was feeling very nice. She started to moan. I changed the position and sat on her stomach. My dick was wet due to her spittle I put my dick in her beautiful boobs. It was so nice that I could not explain in the words. I started to fuck her boobs after a minute I began to cum on her boobs.

We again started to watch the movie. After half an hour on a beautiful scene Kiran took my dick in her mouth. It again started to standup. She sucked it for two minutes. I was rubbing her beautiful boobs. I wanted to put my dick in her cunt. I told her that I wanted to put dick in her cunt. My dick was wet due to her spittle and her cunt was wet because she was so warm. I put the head of my dick in her cunt. My dick was 8 inches long and it was also large in the diameter. When the head of my dick went into Kiran, she started to moan. I was thinking that she is moaning due to pain. I asked her that was she feeling pain but she told me to put the whole dick in her cunt. So slowly I put my dick in her cunt. Kiran was moaning with joy. Whole of my dick was inside her cunt. I had never got such a pleasure in my whole life. For two minutes I remained my dick inside her cunt without any movement. After two minutes I started to move my dick. It was my first sexual intercourse and I was feeling very nice. I started to take the jerks politely. Kiran started to moan but that time I knew that she was moaning with pleasure. I had already cum two times. So my sperms were not going to come early. I fucked her until she started to flow meantime I also told her that I was cumming. She told me to cum inside her so I cum inside her. While cumming I was so exited that I closed my eyes with my dick inside her. She had also got the same situation. We were sleeping after a while in the same position. When my eyes opened I looked at the watch it was 6:30 am. Kiran was sleeping with me. I saw her beautiful face and kissed her on the lips and then I sucked her beautiful boobs.

She was sleeping without any fears. My dick again started to get up. I kissed her on her mouth. She woke up and saw at me. She told me to fuck her for the last time. First we got in a 69 position. I licked her cunt and she sucked my dick. When I changed the position and started to give her my dick in her cunt, she stopped me. I was surprised that why she had stopped me to do so. She asked me to fuck her in her ass hole. I took a lotion and wet my dick.

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This one is for the matures. I have been reading lot of lusty stories…fucking mom, and sister and aunty and bhabhi and even maids…everyone at home….Come on guys, this is fantasy. Go out and fuck some Ash or Rani or Kareena and Preity and like…there are more out there than you can fuck or get fucked.
This is a story of some 20 yeas ago – lots of things happened for the first time for me. I was flying for the first time. I was young, pahlwan body, MBA degree in hand andwith a marketing Manager ’s job in Curacao, Caribbean island. I had been always dreaming to go out of Delhi and meet beautiful women, specially of south America, the salty and sultry kind. I wonder how after introducing kama sutra to the world and showing ancient Khajuraho, Indian subcontinent lost touch with oral sex which is now best learnt and experienced from Latinos.
My flight from Delhi to Amsterdam was all sleep after late dinner and 2 drinks – I woke up only a few minutes of landing in Amsterdam. My onward flight of 12 hours to Curacao was half empty and my seat was almost in the back of plane in center row of 4 seats. I was only passenger on that row and I was planning to stretch myself during the long flight. However that was not to be and that is how the phase of my excitement started. Just before closing doors, enters a woman with blonde-golden hair, about 5.7 straight up full body, with tropical shirt and white skirt about 40 or around, well toned and creamed. There was an air of elegance around her. She took the other end seat of my row, kept her hand bag overhead and gave me a courtesy smile. After the plane moved and first beverage was served, plane was steady in the air and seat belt sign went off, I felt relaxed and looked around me to see who was where and what was happening around me. Our glances again met casually and this time we both exchanged smiles….I could see her better and found her much older than me but surely well toned, full size breasts, smooth skin and attractive face cut. Stewardess came and offered drinks before serving dinner. She left a few small bottles of white wine in the center seat for both of us which was perhaps the ice-breaking opportunity. The beautiful woman asked me how was the wine and where was I traveling to and such general questions. Soon we were engaged in good conversation, talking about India and Holland and Curacao. We both moved closer, in the center seats from our aisle seats. She was native of Curacao with soft copper tone skin, married to a Dutch and running a small business near Amsterdam. Our dinner came and we continued talking and laughing while sipping thru our white wine. I had at least 4 glasses of white wine and I remembered we covered lots of topics and felt as if we knew each other for a long time. Wine had done its job and made me kind of free spirited. I did not how but I took her hand and kissed her and said you are very attractive. She looked at me for a few seconds and unexpectedly stamped a little kiss on my mouth. In a chain reaction, instantly I put my glass down and held her head gently and kissed her back with my hungry lips….THIS was my first ever kiss on lips to anyone and I surprised myself how well I did. I noted a little hesitation from her for a second or so but next moment she responded to kiss me full throttle, as if chewing and eating my mouth – it was wild, hottt and put me on fire…..after a few minutes of tongue wrestling and swallowing of saliva, she disengaged and got up saying come to the back of plane.
I followed her and we both slipped into a bath room. Every body was sleeping and no one I could see but even if there was, who the hell cared….once inside, no wasting of time…my immediate move was to grab her in my arms and pull her to my body tightly…man that felt lusty hot, animal sexxy……in next few seconds I put her blouse out, unhooked the bra and gave a wide look at her upright boobs with erect nipples the size of pencil eraser. Wow, a rare scene for me. My lauda already 90 degrees was going towards 120. Mind was out of control. I fondled her boobs, then squeezed and licked and sucked and cupped full flesh wonderful mounds with nipples on top. Surely, Yolanda had measured my desire and eagerness. She was equally charged with the prospect of getting fucked by a young energetic with full lauda power ready to reach the bottom of her love tunnel which was so creamy wet when I slid my hand down to her hairy pussy. A thick bush over the pussy has been my fetish. Fingering thru thick bushy hair gave me pleasure pangs before reaching clitoris. We both were doing overtime – kissing, pushing, pressing, squeezing, grabbing, fondling all over body – Her buttocks were another asset to her sensuous body. She looked in my eyes and slipped down to grab her prize catch. In the mirror everything was visible. My seven incher was full blooded and was proudly heads up like a red apple….a delight for hungry woman. Now some mind boggling thing happened when Yolanda went down and made my lund completely disappear into her mouth. This sent shivers and ripples throughout my body. My hands went thru her hair, holding her head and then I arched myself to reach her back and further down to grab her shapely ass cheeks and began squeezing the soft spongy flesh. Yoli continued showing her oral expertise on my member in a way I never imagined and put me on edge making my muscles bulge. I was about to explode and I stood straight to warn her amidst the height of my pleasure with soft moaning of her and my own, but but but no time for warnings….I EXPLODED with my unstoppable loads of precious liquid in her mouth. She knew she had transported me beyond 7th heaven and she clung to my body with my member still in her moist, and warm mouth,and squeezing my solid buttocks giving me extraordinary pleasure levels I had never known before. This heavenly situation continued longer than proverbial moments. I continued stroking into her warm, tight-lipped mouth as if penetrating her and out, in and out. My cock continued to be stubborn and would not bow or bent down. Seeing the lion still strong and willing, Yoli stood up and arched backward and took a good support from back wall, presented her pussy surrounded with golden hair, slightly showing her pink lips opening inviting and ready to swallow my cock inside her lubricated pussy.
And how to decline such an offer ? No way. I patted and fingered the opening which was creamy and moist, played with clitoris tenderly for a few seconds and then placed my red apple on the pussy lips. I was just about to give my inaugural push but Yoli beat me to it. I received a sudden strong pelvic push from my lover and lo three-fourth portion of my rod sank effortlessly into her pussy. Such a dramatic entry gave my cock extra vigor and stiffness after a major performance. I then grabbed her buttocks brought her closer and gave my cock a strong thrust to reach the bottom of the love tunnel. I pushed more and then something wonderful happened. I felt my red apple inside was wrapped tightly and was held tight, kind of locked-in position, It was so delightfully pleasurable that I let my member be anchored there for sometime to enjoy that ecstatic pleasure as much and as long as I could. After a few minutes I was able to pull out my cock and I started pumping it inside out, firstly at ease and then with more and more vigor and speed. Although space in bathroom was small, we both had bigger designs. Funny enough, with little acrobatic creativity I pulled her legs one by one over my shoulders, holding her weight with hands under her shapely buttocks, I eventually brought her beautiful, photogenic pussy in her flower bloom in full frontal view in front of me. This was also visible in the mirror as well which I know now how sexciting it can be to the woman seeing herself being penetrated. This position was such a winner that my boner dived inside her pussy to reach deepest of the depth. Fucking from this angle was so visibly satisfying that it brought our heat high and after several deep penetrations, I became ready to cum and unload again with full force. Yoli seemed so much engrossed in receiving all the thrusts and strokes and my chewing on her nipples all at one time with all my vigor that I could see her expression of reaching multi-orgasms – full with pleasure heights and ecstasy. She clinched her fingers on my waist, went into spasms, fully absorbing the pleasure like there was no tomorrow.-
Seeing her cumming, I could not hold myself any longer and shot my whole load into her pussy and continued pumping slowly, holding Yoli’s body tightly in my arms and taking turns on sucking on her nipples, kissing her sweet lips, clinching her buttocks and pulling her more closer and tighter ( it was pure bliss, pure pleasure – fuck one and fuck all situation) until my member showed signs of reverting to its original size.
We clung with each other for several minutes and then burst into sunken laughter. A sign of happy satisfaction. We unwound and cleaned ourselves. I moved out first and waited until she was done cleaning. We walked back to our row and sat down together, hand in hand, relaxed, smiling and giving each other small sweet kisses. We asked for more drinks and quietly sipped thru. Later, she lied down on the seats with her head in my lap where I had access to her face as well her lovely breasts adored with thick nipples which had by now become objects of my affection. I saw her face was glowing with satisfaction – may be this blissful physical satisfaction came to her today after a long time or she had found something in me she was looking for. For me, I knew my face was radiant too – because I was lucky to meet this beautiful, sensuous woman who walked me thru my initiation, giving me a ‘never before, pleasure.
I looked into her eyes and said ‘ meet me again in Curacao – let me be your student -teach me your techniques and I will experiment my art over you for perfection’.PREVIOUS PAGE

Priyanka Bhabhi ko jawani ka maza diya

Priyanka Bhabhi ko jawani ka maza diya

Priyanka Bhabhi ko jawani ka maza diya
My name Rahul Jodhpur Rajasthan se hu ,ye meri kahani sachi h,Meri shadi ko 2 sal ho gye,meri wife sonakshi h,bat shadi 1 ek sal bad ki h meri wife ki ek friend thi misma name priyanka h,meri wife mere se khupch nhi chupati thi,ek din sex karte hu priyanka ka btya uska husband usko ache se maza nhi deta h,ye suante hi mere man me chudai ka mokka hath lege jese khayal aaya,us din 3 bar chudai ki tb so gye.
3 din bd priyanka mere gr aayi pink shadi pahane hua bala c khubsurat lag rahi thi ,boobs bade bade Syd 38 ke honge,kamar patli 30 ki ,gand Sali 36 ki mst lag rahi thi dekhte hi lund khada ho gya,us time meri wife nahne gyi hui thi,priynka ko dekhke lund tent ki yeah tan gya,usne ye baat notice ki muskari and namste kiya.
Poucha sonakshi kaha h nHarahi rhi h..thik h bd me aati hu,mene bola Betho abi aa jayegi ,mene name pouch ,kese ho,kya karte ho,hobby,baate ki sofe pe baithe gye tbi mere mobile me facebook notice aaya,usne bi dekha or poucha fb chalte ho,id pouchi and ider user ki baat karne lege,tbi mera call aa gya me chala gya.
Etni der me meri wife aa gyi….baat karne legi.
4 din bd Facebook pe ek msg aaya hii..mene reply kiya to usne us din ke bare me btya fir usne whatsapp number de diya….usko chudai karwani thi so usne number khud hi de diya…whats app pe baat hone lagi ek hour(ganta) baat karne ke bd unse apni pic send ki fir mene uski tariff kar di khush ho gyi…sexy baat stRt kardi apni bra me pic send ki mera lund khada ho gya….mene bola inko pinzare se bahar to niklo khabutaro ko …usne bra khol ke pic send kar di kya boobs the 38 ke the nipple kaala tha.. doodh se bhare hua….boli tum apna kala nag dikhao mene send kar diya boli wow…mst h , sonakshi to bharpur maze leti h…..mene bola tuje bi de du… boli de do na….mene bola tum apni chut dikhao just se pic click karke send kar di…boli khujali ho rahi h….apne lund ka swad kB donge,ap lena chaho tb….fir boli Saturdays ko aa jao…..Saturday ko office ka bahana karke uske gr chala gya wo wait kar rahi thi under jate hi mere ko bHo me le liya ,fir nasta karwaya,fir me utha or usko lips kis kRne lGa ,ek hath boobs ko press karne laga nighty pahni hui thi khol di…niche khuch nhi pahnar hua tha…..kis karne laga boobs ko press kiya boo s k doodh pilne lagi ,tbi mene chut me unguli dala di …uhhh karne lagi …boli badroom me chalo……..badroom me mere uper let gyi kis karne lagi or mere sare kapde uttar diye….underwere utter te samye lund ko kis kiya or muh me liya…kya maza aa raha tha….bade boobs mere moth me lGa diya piyooo-piyoo mere raja piyo….boobs mst bade bade mene uski kis kiya…fir 69 position me aa gye wo mera ras pi rahi thi me uske…..choot mere muh me lund uske muh me…wo bol rahi raja mst yr…. Kya lund sala aaj to jawani ka ras pi lungi sara…pura maza lunga…
Fir usne kaha meri choot ko chudai karo….Sali khujali bahut asati h buja do…mene thange uper ki lund uski chut me chut gili to thi h aasha mi se under chala gya. …ashaa…ashaa…or jor se choodoo fadd do Sali ko or jor se…jor jor se dhakke lGbe lGa…10 min me uska nikane wala tha wo tight pakD liya nakhun laga diya jad gyi mera abi milala nhi tha dhakke laga raha tha 2min bd mera bi nikal gya…….hm pas me let gya….usne lund hath me leke bolne lGi…fir muh .e liya khada kiya us din pure din uski chudai ki…….
Kisi bhabhi.,girls ko chudai karwani h to [email protected] pe email karo sb secret rahega….keli lGi reply me
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चाची की बेटी को बहुत मजे से चोदा

हैल्लो दोस्तों, मेरे चाचाजी की फेमिली में चाचा चाची और उनकी एक बेटी है और हमारा उनके साथ बहुत अच्छा प्रेम प्यार है। में उनके घर जाता रहता हूँ और मेरी चाची बहुत सेक्सी है और उनकी बेटी सारा मुझसे 3 महीने छोटी है। उसका तो जवाब ही नहीं है, इतनी सुंदर लड़की लाखो में एक होगी और उसकी सेक्सी टाँगे, काले खुले बाल, काली आँखें, गोल-गोल ब्यूटिफुल बूब्स, मोटी गांड अगर आप देख लो तो वहीं झड़ जाए, वो कपड़े भी बहुत सेक्सी पहनती है। हम स्कूल से ही एक साथ पढ़ते है और अब कॉलेज में भी एक साथ ही है, स्कूल से ही लड़के उस पर लाईन मारते थे। अब हम कॉलेज में भी एक साथ थे। वो कॉलेज में बहुत सेक्सी बनकर आती है, टाईट स्कर्ट या जीन्स जिसमें से उसकी गांड नजर आए और टाईट टॉप जिसमें से बूब्स की शेप बहुत अच्छी लगती है, कई बार तो उसके टॉप में से उसके निप्पल भी साफ-साफ दिखाई देते है। सब लड़के मेरी पीठ पीछे उसके बारे में बाते करते है, तो मुझे बहुत अच्छा लगता है। में क्लास में भी उसे देखता रहता हूँ। में और सारा शुरू से ही एक साथ रहते, खेलते और सब कुछ करते है। हम दोनों आपस में बहुत फ्रेंक है, उसके साथ गले मिलना और किस करना तो आम बात है। वो 3 साल पहले दूसरे घर में शिफ्ट हो गये, तो मुझे बहुत दुख हुआ। वो घर भी वैसे 5-6 किलोमीटर दूर ही होगा तो तब से में रोज शाम उनके घर जाता हूँ।

ये बात उस दिन की है, जब उसके मम्मी पापा 15 दिन के लिए बाहर घूमने गये थे और वो अकेली घर पर थी, इसलिए में उन दिनों उसके घर चला गया। फिर हम दोनों ने बहुत इन्जॉय किया, हम दोनों ने 2 दिन तक बहुत इन्जॉय किया और उसके हाथ का टेस्टी खाना खाया, इतना अच्छा खाना आपको होटल में भी नहीं मिलेगा। हम एक-एक मिनट साथ रहे, जब वो किचन में जाती थी, तो में भी किचन में और जब वो टॉयलेट जाती, तो में टॉयलेट के बाहर खड़ा हो जाता था। हम दोनों 2 दिन तक सोए भी एक ही रूम में थे। फिर तीसरे दिन वो जब नहाकर बाहर आई तो वो क्या गजब की लग रही थी? ब्लू मिनी स्कर्ट एक फुट से थोड़ी ज्यादा होगी और ऑरेंज शॉर्ट टॉप जो काफ़ी गहरे गले का था, जिसमें से उसके कंधे पूरे नजर आ रहे थे, उसके नीचे वो ब्रा नहीं पहनती थी, ताकि ब्रा की स्ट्रिप्स ना दिखे। वो मेरी क्या? कॉलेज में भी सबकी पसंदीदा ड्रेस होगी, में तो उस दिन उसे देखता ही रह गया था। फिर उसने पूछा कि कैसी लग रही हूँ? तो मैंने कहा कि हॉट एंड सेक्सी, तो उसने थैंक्स कहा। फिर हमने ब्रेकफास्ट किया और बेड पर बैठकर टी.वी. देखने लगे। अब में उसकी स्कर्ट की तरफ़ अपना मुँह करके उसकी नंगी टाँगे देखने लगा था और उसकी ऑरेंज पेंटी क्या मस्त थी? अब जब वो झुकती थी तो तब भी उसकी ऑरेंज पेंटी उसकी स्कर्ट के ऊपर दिखाई दे रही थी। 

अब उसको सब पता चल रहा था, लेकिन उसने कुछ नहीं कहा और फिर हमने 2-3 घंटे के बाद लंच किया। अब में टी.वी. पर कोई सेक्सी मूवी सर्च कर रहा था, तो केबल टी.वी. पर एक इंग्लिश मूवी स्टार्ट हुई थी। फिर मैंने सारा से कहा कि चलो देखे। अब हम दोनों एक साथ बैठकर मूवी देखने लगे थे। अब में मूवी कम उसे ज्यादा देख रहा था। फिर 15 मिनट के बाद ही न्यूड सीन आ गया, जिसमें 3 गर्ल्स के बूब्स दिख रहे थे। फिर वो उठाकर टॉयलेट करने चली गई, तो में भी कुछ देर के बाद टॉयलेट करने चला गया तो मैंने देखा कि उसकी ऑरेंज पेंटी वहाँ पर पड़ी थी। अब में बहुत खुश हो गया था और सोचा कि उसको भी सेक्स चढ़ गया है। फिर में वापस आकर बेड पर उसकी स्कर्ट की तरफ़ अपनी आँखे करके बैठ गया। फिर मैंने देखा कि वो बिना पेंटी के थी। उसने पिछली रात को ही अपनी चूत को शेव किया था। फिर में मूवी देखने लगा, उसमें गर्ल्स और लड़के के कई न्यूड सीन थे। फिर हम दोनों मूवी देखते रहे और किसी ने कोई विरोध नहीं किया। फिर एक लड़का और लड़की का सेक्स सीन आया, तो मैंने कहा कि वाह क्या बूब्स है? तो उसने कहा कि बहुत अच्छी शेप है, मेरे बूब्स भी ऐसे ही है। फिर मैंने पूछा कि तूने किसी का असली में लंड देखा है? तो उसने कहा कि हाँ तेरा देखा है।

में : कब?

सारा : जब में लास्ट छुट्टियों में आई थी, तो तू रूम में नहाकर नंगा ही आ गया था।

सारा : अच्छा है, मुझे पता था तू जानबूझकर ही नंगा आ गया था।

में : दुबारा देखना है?

सारा : हाँ-हाँ माई प्लेजर, तो मैंने कहा कि अपने आप पेंट खोलकर देख ले।

फिर उसने फटाफट मेरी पेंट, शर्ट, अंडरगारमेंट उतारकर मुझे पूरा नंगा कर दिया। अब मेरा 7 इंच का लंड पूरा खड़ा हो गया था। फिर उसने पूछा कि ये इतना ऊपर क्यों उठा हुआ है? तो मैंने उसे बताया कि जब लड़को को सेक्स चढ़ता है तो उनका डंडा बड़ा और ऊपर हो जाता है और उससे कहा कि अब तू भी तो कुछ दिखा दे। फिर उसने कहा कि तू अभी स्कर्ट के अंदर देख तो रहा था। फिर मैंने कहा कि क्लियर नहीं था। फिर सारा ने मुझसे कहा कि तो तू खुद ही मेरे कपड़े उतार ले। फिर मैंने पहले उसकी स्कर्ट उतारी तो मुझे उसकी शेव चूत देखकर मज़ा आ गया। फिर जब मैंने उसका टॉप उतारा तो में उसके बूब्स भी देखता ही रह गया, वाह क्या नज़ारा था? अब हम एक दूसरे के सामने 7 साल बाद बिल्कुल नंगे खड़े थे, क्योंकि 7वीं क्लास तक तो हम एक साथ नहाते थे, तो तब मैंने फर्स्ट टाईम उसे किस किया था और 15 मिनट तक हमारी जीभ एक दूसरे के मुँह में रही होगी। अब तब एक हम दूसरे के पार्ट्स को टच कर रहे थे।

फिर मैंने उसे लंड सक करने को कहा, तो वो अपने मुँह में मेरे लंड का टेस्ट चैक करने लगी। अब हम 69 की पोजिशन में बेड पर लेट गये थे और अब में उसकी चिकनी चूत के मज़े ले रहा था। फिर मैंने उसे बिना बताए अपना माल उसके मुँह में ही छोड़ दिया। फिर उसने मेरा सारा माल पूरा बाहर थूक दिया और लास्ट का पी गई, उसे वो बहुत टेस्टी लगा था। अब उसका मुँह मेरे माल से भर गया था और अब उसका भी पानी छूट गया था, तो में उसे चाट-चाटकर पी गया। फिर हम 30 मिनट तक बेड पर पड़े रहे, तो तब वो अपने पापा के रूम से कंडोम लेकर आई और मुझे पहना दिया। फिर मैंने उसकी चूत पर अपना लंड रखा और धीरे-धीरे अंदर डालने लगा। फिर एक इंच अंदर जाने के बाद उसे दर्द होने लगा, तो तब मैंने ज़ोर से एक धक्का मारा, तो वो रोने लगी। अब उसकी सील टूट चुकी थी, अब मुझे भी बहुत दर्द हो रहा था तो में उसके ऊपर ही लेट गया और 5 मिनट के बाद मैंने फिर से एक धक्का मारा तो मेरा पूरा लंड उसकी चूत के अंदर चला गया और में उसके बूब्स को चूसता रहा। फिर उस रात हम सेक्स करके नंगे ही सो गये और सुबह एक साथ नहाए। फिर हमने शाम को बाहर जाने के लिए अपने-अपने कपड़े पहने और उन 12 दिनों तक हम घर में पूरे नंगे रहे और बस डोर बेल की आवाज सुनकर कुछ पहन लेते थे या बाहर जाना हो, तब कुछ पहन लेते थे। हम तब से कई बार सेक्स कर चुके है और एक बार तो कज़िन की शादी में बाथरूम में जाकर भी हमने चुदाई की है और खूब इन्जॉय किया है ।।

धन्यवाद ….

बड़े लंड का कमाल

हेलो दोस्तो मेरा नाम मनोज है. और मेरी उमर 24 साल है मेरी अभी शादी नही हुई है. मैं हरयाणा का रहने वाला हूँ. मैने पहले हरयाणा मे ही एयरटेल मे बहोत काम किया है. फिर मुझे उन्होने दिल्ली भेज दिया. अब मेरे अंडर पूरा एक ऑफीस था मेरी सैलरी भी काफ़ी अच्छी हो गई थी.

मैं अपनी जॉब लाइफ से बहोत खुश था. क्योकि मुझे अब सारा काम आ गया था. दिल्ली आए हुए मुझे अभी 6 महीने ही हुए थे और मुझे अब दिल्ली के बारे मे बहोत कुछ पता चल गया था. मेरे उप्पर अब काम का बहोत दबाव था. जिससे मुझे इधर उधर जाने का टाइम नही मिलता था.

मेरे ऑफीस के कुछ सेक्सी लड़किया भी मेरे उप्पर बहोत लाइन मारती थी. पर मैने अपने आप पर बहोत कंट्रोल किया हुआ था. इसलिए मैं उनकी तरफ ज़रा सा भी ध्यान नही देता था. वैसे तो मैं एक नंबर का चुदक्कड़ हूँ. मेरे लंड का साइज़ 8 इंच है और मोटा करीब 3 इंच है. मैने अपने कॉलेज लाइफ मे स्टूडेंट्स क्या टीचर्स तक को चोदा हुआ है.

और आज भी जब वापिस जाता हूँ तो अपनी कॉलेज की एक मैथ्स टीचर्स को चोद कर आता हूँ. क्योकि मुझे बड़ी गांड और बड़े बूब्स वाली औरतें शुरू से ही बहोत पसंद है. उनके बूब्स के अंदर अपना लंड डाल कर आगे पीछे करना मुझे बहोत पसंद है.

एक दिन की बात है मेरा एक एम्पॉलई मीर पास आया और कहा की एक कस्टमर है वो मुझसे बात करना चाहती है. मैने कहा की तुम अपने सीनियर से उसकी बात करवा दो. तो उसने कहा की वो सब से बड़े से बात करना चाहती है. मैने उससे बात करी तो दूसरी साइड से बहोत ही प्यारी आवाज़ आई. मैने उसकी प्राब्लम सुनी और सारी बात को अच्छे से समझ कर उनकी प्राब्लम को सॉल्व कर दिया.

आख़िर मे उसने मेरा पर्सनल नंबर माँग लिया ताकि फ्यूचर मे कभी ज़रूरत पड़े तो सीधा मुझे ही फोन कर ले. कुछ दिन ऐसे ही निकल गये. और एक दिन शाम को उसका फोन आया उसने मुझसे पहले नॉर्मल बातें करी फिर उसने कहा की मैं कल सनडे उसके घर आ जाउ. उसने हमारे कुछ नये प्लान समझने है.

मैने कहा ठीक है वैसे भी मैं सनडे को घर मे बोर ही होता हूँ. इसलिए मैं उसके घर सुबह ही चला गया. उसे देख कर मेरा लंड खड़ा हो गया. उसने पिंक कलर की साड़ी डाली हुई थी. साली के बूब्स ब्लाउस से भी बाहर आ रहे थे. मुझे तो पहले ही बड़े बड़े बूब्स बहोत पसंद थे.

उसकी मोटी गांड का मैं वहीं पर दीवाना हो गया था. अंदर जाते ही उसने मुझे सोफे पर बिठाया और मेरे लिए चाय बना कर ले आई. और वो भी मेरे साथ बैठ कर बातें करने लग गई. उसने मुझसे पूछा की मेरी शादी हो रखी है या नही. मैने नही मे जवाब दे दिया, फिर उसने पूछा की चलो फिर कोई गर्ल फ्रेंड तो होगी ही.

मैने फिर नही मे जवाब दे दिया और साथ मे ही कह दिया था की एक थी पहले पर अब उसकी शादी हो गई है. उसने आगे पूछा, तो कभी सेक्स किया है. उसका ये सवाल इतनी जल्दी आ जाएगा मैने सोचा तक नही था. मैने नही क्योकि मैं दिन रात काम मे बहोत बिज़ी रहता हूँ.

ये कहते ही वो मुझसे लिपट गई और कहा कोई बात नही राजा अब मैं आ गई हूँ ना. अब तुम रात को तो छोड़ो, दिन मे भी सेक्स किया करोगे. इससे पहले मैं कुछ बोलता उसने मेरे होंठो को अपने होंठो मे ले लिया. उसकी जीब मेरे मूह के अंदर जा रही थी जिसे मैं चूसने मे लगा हुआ था.

उसके बाद मेरे हाथ उसके बूब्स पर आ गये जिसे मैं दबाने लग गया फिर वो मुझे अपने बेडरूम मे ले गई और मुझे खड़ा कर के मेरी पैंट उतार दी. ये कहानी आप देसी कहानी डॉट नेट पर पढ़ रहे है.

मेरा लंड अंडरवियर मे से पहले ही बाहर आ रहा था. उसने मेरा अंडरवियर भी नीचे कर दिया. और मेरा लंड देख कर वो पागल हो गई और बिना कुछ बोले मेरे लंड को मूह ले कर चूसने लग गई.

लंड को चूस्ते हुए वो मेरी तरफ देख रही थी. उसकी खुशी सॉफ उसके चेहरे से झलक रही थी. करीब 5 मिनिट लंड चुसवाने के बाद मैने उसे उठाया और उसके सारे कपड़े उतार, उसे बेड पर ले गया. हम दोनो 69 की पोज़िशन मे आगये. वो मेरा लंड चूस रही थी और मैं उसकी चूत. करीब 10 मिनिट मे ही हम दोनो का पानी निकल गया. जिसे हम दोनो ने चाट-चाट कर सॉफ कर दिया.

फिर मैने उसके दोनो बूब्स को चूसना शुरू कर दिया. कुछ ही देर मे मेरा लंड खड़ा हो गया. अब मैने उसकी दोनो टॅंगो को पूरा खोला. और अपना लंड उसकी चूत के उप्पर सेट करके. एक जोरदार धक्का मारा जिससे मेरा लंड एक ही बार मे उसकी चूत की जड़ तक चला गया. मेरा लंड चूत मे जाते ही उसकी चूत मे से खून निकल गया.

मेरा लंड काफ़ी बड़ा और मोटा था उसकी चूत के लिए. जिस वजह से उसकी चूत की अंदर की सील टूट गई थी. मैने उसकी चूत को चोदता रहा और वो रोती जा रही थी. पर कुछ देर मे वो अपनी गांड को उठा उठा कर चुदाई मे मेरा साथ देने लग गई थी.

चूत को चोदने के बाद मैने उसे घोड़ी बना दिया और उसकी गांड को ज़बरदस्ती चोद दिया. उस दिन मैने उसकी चूत और गांड मे से खून निकाल दिया था. जिसे देख कर वो थोड़ा सा घबरा गई थी पर उसे अंदर से बहोत खुशी हो रही थी.

उस चुदाई के बाद वो मेरी रंडी बन गई थी. अब मैं जब सुबह ऑफीस जाता हूँ एक बार तब और जब मैं रात को घर जाता हूँ 2 बार तब उसे चोदता हूँ. उसने मुझे बताया की उसके पति दुबई मे है. इसलिए अब मैं उसका पति बन कर उसके साथ रह सकता हूँ. अब मैं उसका एक तरह से पति बन कर ही उसके पास रहेता हूँ. और उस रांड़ को दिन रात जम कर चोदता हूँ,

मेरी क्रश मेरी बीवी

हेलो दोस्तो! मैं रोहित आपका स्वागत करता हूँ. मैं देसिकहानी का पीछे 3 साल से रीडर हू और ये मेरी पहली स्टोरी है. ये एक बिल्कुल रियल स्टोरी है जिसमे कोई भी मिक्स्चर नही है. उमीद करता हू की आपको पसंद आएगी.

मेरा नाम रोहित कटारिया है और मैं 23 साल का हूँ और दिल्ली का रहने वाला हूँ और एक एमएनसी मे जॉब कर रहा हू और वेल सेटल्ड हूँ. मेरे घर मे मम्मी पापा मेरी छोटी बेहन और मैं हूँ.

इस स्टोरी की हेरोयिन मेरी फ्रेंड डीवीषा है. उसकी उमर अभी 21 साल है. उसकी फिगर परिनीति चोपरा जैसी है. मेरा लंड का साइज़ 8 इंच है.तो चलिए स्टोरी शुरू करता हूँ.

मेरा बचपन से ही डीवीषा पर क्रश था लेकिन मैं कभी उसे कह नही पाया. डीवीषा मेरी सिस्टर की फ्रेंड है. जब भी वो हमारे घर पर आती मैं उसे देखता रहता था.

एक दिन मेरे घर पर मेरे इलावा कोई नही था. तभी डीवीषा आई. उसे कोई असाइनमेंट चाहिए थी. उसने मेरी सिस्टर के बारे पूछा तो मैने कहा वो तो नही है.. तुम खुद ही डूंड लो. तो वो असाइनमेंट ढूंढ़ने लग गई.

तो मेरे अंदर पता नही क्या हुआ तो मैने उसे कहा की डीवीषा मैं तुम्हे कुछ कहना चाहता हूँ. वो अपने काम मे लगी हूई थी और ऐसे ही बोली की हाँ बोलो. तो मैने कहा की ये थोड़ा सीरीयस मैटर है तो वो मेरी तरफ देखने लग गई और बोली हाँ बोलो!

मैं – तुम घुस्सा करोगी

डीवीषा – मैं क्यों गुस्सा करूँगी पागल

मैं – तुम पहले प्रॉमिस करो ये बात किसी को बताओगी नही

डीवीषा – मैं क्यू छुपाऊ किसी से

मैं – छोड़ो… रहने दो

डीवीषा – अरे बाबा! मज़ाक कर रही थी

मैं – प्रॉमिस?

डीवीषा – हां हां प्रॉमिस

मैं – तो पूरी बात सुन और फिर कोई जवाब देनाMore Sexy Stories  विधवा को बनाया अपनी रंडी

डीवीषा – ओके

मैं – यार मैं तुम्हे बहुत प्यार करता हूँ और बहुत टाइम से पर कहने से डरता था. आज भी पता नही कहाँ से हिम्मत आ गई. देख मुझे तुमसे कोई उमीद नही है. तुम कोई भी जवाब दो मुझे वो मंज़ूर होगा. अगर ना हुआ तो मैं कभी आँख उठा के भी नही देखूँगा.

डीवीषा को पता नही क्या हुआ लेकिन वो वहाँ से ऐसे ही चली गई बिना असाइनमेंट लिए…. मैने उसे रोकने की कोशिश भी नही की क्यूकी मैं बहुत डर गया था.

शाम को सारे घर वाले भी आ गये. मुझे डर था की उसने मेरी सिस्टर को ना बता दिया हो लेकिन ऐसा नही था. तो मेरी जान मे जान आई.

रात को करीब 11 बजे डीवीषा का व्हाट्सप्प पर मैसेज आया हेलो लिख कर. मेरे मोबाइल मे उसका नंबर. सेव था( मैने अपनी बेहन के मोबाइल से ले लिया था) लेकिन मैने अंजान बनकर कहा हूज़् द़ैट्? तो उसने कहा की मैं डीवीषा. तो मैं मन ही मन खुश होने लगा. तो मैने कहा यार आज के लिए आइ एम सॉरी. तो वो चुप रही

5 मिनिट बाद मैने फिर सॉरी लिखकर भेज दिया और कहा की आगे से ऐसा नही होगा और मैं तुमसे कभी ऐसी बात नही कहूँगा और मुझे तेरा जवाब मंज़ूर है.

तभी उसका मैसेज आया – कौनसा जवाब? मैने तो कोई जवाब नही दिया तो मैने कहा की वो तो मैं समझ ही गया. तो उसने कहा की वो भी मुझे पसंद करती है. लेकिन मैं भी कभी कह नही पाई. तो मैने कहा आइ लव यू और उसने आइ लव यू टू कहा. और फिर मैने उसे कॉल लगाई और उस रात हमारी 4 बजे तक बातें हूई.

अगले दिन वो हमारे घर फिर आई और फिर भी हमारी बात बहुत कम हूई क्यूकी मेरी बेहन थी. ये कहानी आप देसी कहानी डॉट नेट पर पढ़ रहे है.

तो ऐसे थोड़े दिन निकल गये. हमारी रोज़ बातें होने लगी. वो मुझसे हर छोटी बड़ी बात शेयर करने लगी. मैं उसके दिल का टुकड़ा बन गया. हमारी रोज़ घंटो बातें होने लगी.. एक दिन मेरी फैमिली को अर्जेंट्ली कहीं जाना पड़ गया लेकिन मैने बहाना बनाया और मैं नही गया. तो अगले दो दिन मैं घर पर अकेला रहने वाला था. ये बात मैने डीवीषा को बताई.

अगले दिन वो मेरे घर आई. मैने दरवाज़े को लॉक कर दिया. उसने पिंक कलर का टॉप और ब्लू जीन्स डाली होई थी और बहुत हॉट लग रही थी. मैने उसे बेड पे बिताया और उसके लिए कॉफी लेके आया और हम कॉफी पीने लगे और बातें करते रहे. पता ही नही चला कब 2 घंटे निकल गये. फिर मैने डीवीषा से कहा की कैन आइ किस यू?

तो उसने अपनी आँखें बंद कर ली और एक मुस्कान दी और ये मेरे लिए ग्रीन सिगनल था. मैने पहले उसकी आँखों पर किस किया फिर चीक्स पर. तो उसकी धड़कन तेज हो गई जो की सॉफ पता चल रहा था.

फिर मैने उसके होंठों पर किस किया. वो भी मेरा साथ दे रही थी. हम दोनो एक दूसरे में खो से गये थे. मेरे हाथ उसकी बॉडी पर घूमने लगे और वो मेरे बालों को सहला रही थी. उसके बाद वो बेड पर लेट गई. उसकी आँखे अभी भी बंद थी.

मैने उसके टॉप के उप्पर से उसके बूब्स को दबाने लगा तो वो बोली – रोहित ! यरर धीरे करो ना प्लीज़. मैं कही नही जा रही तो मैं उसके बूब्स को उप्पर से किस करने लगा तो वो आँहे भरने लगी. आह्ह्ह रोही.. मेरी जान क्या कर रहे हो यरर… मेरे अंदर पता नही क्या हो रहा है.. बसस करो यरर.. मैं सातवें आसमान पर था.

तो मैं नीचे आया और उसकी जीन्स की हुक खोल दी तों उसने मेरा हाथ पकड़ लिया. उसने कहा की मुझे शरम आ रही है तो मैने उसे इशारे मे समझाया और वो समझ गई और हाथ हटा लिए और मुझे जीन्स उतारने दी. मैने उसकी जीन्स उतार दी और वो ब्लॅक पैंटी में आ गई.

मैने उसकी चूत को उप्पर से किस किया तो उसकी आवाज़ें आने लगी … आअहह रोही ये मत करो प्लज़्ज़्ज़्ज़.. उफफफफ्फ़ मैने उसकी जांगों पर जिब फिराई.

उसके बाद मैने उसका टॉप उतारा तो उसने वाइट ब्रा पहनी होई थी और मैने वो भी उतार के फेंक दी. और मैं उसके बूब्स पर टूट पड़ा और उसे लव बाइट्स देने लगा वो बस आआहह आहह करती रही और बोली और चूसो मेरे राजा. मैं बस तेरी रानी हूँ अहह मैं बस तेरी हूँ. वो पागल सी हो रही थी.

उसके बाद मैने उसके होंठ फिरसे चूसने लगा. वो खड़ी हूई और मेरे कपड़े उतार ने लगी और हम दोनो न्यूड हो गये. वो मेरे उप्पर आ गई. मैं उसके बालों मे खो गया. हम बस किस ही करे जा रहे थे.

उसके बाद मैं उसके उप्पर आगया और उसकी टांगे उठाई. मैने उसकी चूत के नीचे एक पिल्लो रखा और एक रुमाल रखा क्यूकी उसका पहली बार था.

फिर मैने अपना लंड उसकी चूत पर सेट किया और एक झटका मारा तो आधा लंड उसकी चूत मे गया तो वो चीकने लगी अहह रोही!!! बाहर निकालो इसे. मैं मर जायूंगी.

उसकी चूत से खून आने लगा. नीचे रखा रुमाल लाल रंग का हो गया. मैं उसे किस करने लगा तो वो थोड़ा शांत होई. थोड़ी देर बाद मैने एक और झटका मारा तो पूरा लंड उसकी चूत मे चला गया और उसके आँसू आने लगे.

थोड़ी देर बाद उसे भी मज़ा आने लगा और वो कमर उठा उठा कर मेरा साथ देने लगी. आह आह अहह रोही माइ बेबी माइ राजा मैं तुमसे बहुत प्यार करती हूँ अहह मैं हमेशा तुम्हारी हूँ. मैं लगातार झटके मार रहा था तो उसने मुझे कसकर पकड़ लिया क्यूकी उसका पानी निकलने वाला था.

थोड़ी देर बाद मेरे लंड को कुछ गर्मी का एहसास हुआ जो उसके पानी की वजा से था. हम दोनो को बहुत मज़ा आया.. मैने अपना विर्य उसकी चूत मे ही छोड़ दिया. इस पर उसने नाराज़गी जताई तो मैने कहा की मैं आइ – पिल ले आऊंगा. तो वो मान गई.

हम बहुत थक गये थे और ऐसे ही सो गये. जब उठे तो देखा की 6 बज रहे हैं. तो हम जल्दी से उठे ओर कपड़े पहने और एक फाइनल किस किया और वो चली गई.

उस रात को मैने उसे फोन किया और उस से पूछा की कैसा लगा तो वो कहने लगी की उसकी ज़िंदगी का ये सबसे अच्छा दिन था. वो मुझसे बहुत प्यार करती है और हमेशा करती रहेगी. मैने भी उसे आइ लव यू कहा.

एक दिन उसने मुझ से कहा की मेरी बेहन को हमारे रिलेशनशिप के बारे मे पता लग गया क्यूकी उसने हमारी चैट पढ़ ली थी. उसने बताया की वो हमारे लिए खुश है और हमारी बात शादी तक लेकर जाएगी.

जब मैने अपनी बेहन से इस के बारे में बात की तो वो हसने लगी और बोली की 1 साल और प्राइवसी में रहो. वो फिर बात करेगी. तो एक साल तक हम ऐसे ही मिलते रहे.

आख़िरकार मेरी बेहन ने घर पर बात की और सभी को मना लिया और हमारी शादी हुई. और हमारी अफीशियल सुहाग्रात हुई जिसके बारे में मैं आपको अगली बार बताऊंगा 

तो कैसी लगी आपको मेरी स्टोरी. अपना फीडबैक ज़रूर देना

जीजू के साथ सुहागरात

हेलो फ्रेंड्स मै इस देसिकहानी पे न्यू हू, बहोत सी कहानी पढ़ी मैने यहा कुछ पढ़ के मै बहोत गरम हो गई और कुछ बिल्कुल फेक स्टोरयस लगी इसलिए मै अपनी फ्रेंड मानवी के अकाउंट से स्टोरी डाल रही हू.

चलो जो भी हो सच्ची हो या ग़लत बट होती मस्त है !!! मेरा नाम है रिया देसाई , मै भावनगर की रहने वाली हू , मेरी एज है 23 और मै अनमॅरीड हू, मेरा फिगर है 36-30-36 और मेरा स्किन टोन लाइट है मतलब के गोरी हू

ये मेरी रियल स्टोरी है 6 मंथ्स पहले की, मै एक प्राइवेट कंपनी मे जॉब करती हू, मेरे फैमिली मे मोम डैड मेरी बड़ी दीदी और मै रहते हैं.

बात उन दीनो की है जब उनकी शादी फिक्स हो गयी थी और सब रीति रिवाज के हिसाब से फंक्शन हो रहे थे, बात संगीत वाली नाइट की है!

उस दिन मैने एक रेड कलर का डीप नेक का लोंग वन पीस पहना था और मस्त सॉंग बज रहे थे तो मै सब कज़िन्स के साथ डांस कर रही थी. . .

और डांस करते टाइम डीप नेक की वजह से मेरे बूब्स बहोत बाउन्स कर रहे थे और पार्टी मे आए सब बोय्स मूज़े देख रहे थे , पर मेरा फोकस सिर्फ़ पार्टी मे था मै किसी ओर को नही देख रही थी, और डांस करते हुए मैने अपनी दीदी और जीजू को भी स्टेज पे बुलाया ओर वो भी आके डांस करने लगे

सब ठीक चल रहा था और मेरे जीजू मेरे पास आए और बोला साली जी एक डांस हमारे साथ भी कर लो, मैने कहा क्यू नही आप तो जीजू हो हक़ बनता है आपका इतना बोलके हम दोनो कपल डांस करने लगे.

मैने नोटीस किया और बार-बार मेरी कमर से हाथ हटा के चुत्तड़ दबा रहे है पर वाहा सब के सामने बोलना ठीक नही लगा और पार्टी छोड़ के उप्पर अपने रूम मे आ गई, सब रिस्तेदार सोने चले गये और बाकी सब कज़िन्स ने मिलके ड्रिंक्स का प्लान बनाया और मेरे चाचा का लड़का विस्की की बॉटल लेके आया और मुझे भी कॉल कर के टेरेस पे बुलायi

अब मैने ड्रेस चेंज कर डाला था और एक ब्लॅक नाइटी पहनी थी मै रात के टाइम ब्रा और पैंटी नही पहनती इसलिए नाइटी के उप्पर एक शॉवल डालके टेरेस पे गई

सब साथ मे बैठ के दारू पी रहे थे मैने भी 3-4 पेग्स पिए मुझे चड़ना स्टार्ट हो गई थी इसलिए मै अपने कमरे मे वापस आ गई और सोने की कोसिस करने लगी पर बार-बार वो पार्टी वाली बात मुझे याद आने लगी ये पहली बार था की किसी आदमी ने मेरे चुत्तड़ छुए थे मुझे अजीब भी लग रहा था और अच्छा भी लग रहा था

थोड़ी देर बाद मेरे रूम का दरवाजा किसी ने नॉक किया मैने जब दरवाजा खोला तो मेरे जीजू खड़े थे

उनको देख के पता चल रहा था की उन्होने बहोत सराब पी हुई है

मैने उनको रूम मे आने दिया वो आके मुझे हग करने लगे और अपने सिने को लगा दिया

इतना टाइट्ली के मै हिल भी नही पा रही थी मैने जीजू से कहा आप क्या कर रहे हो जीजू प्लीज़ मुझे छोड़ दो

मैं सपना ( माइ सिस्टर ) नही रिया हू. ये कहानी आप देसी कहानी डॉट नेट पर पढ़ रहे है.

जीजू – मुझे पता है सपना तो बहोत पहले ही सो गयी है और मुझे पता है तू रिया है

आज संगीत मे क्या हॉट परफॉर्म किया था तूने मेरा दिल आ गया तुजपे, मन कर रहा है तुज़से ही शादी कर लू !!!

मैं – आप नशे मे हो बकवास कर रहे हो आपकी शादी दीदी से है 2 दिन मे, यहा से जाओ

मैं और कुछ बोलती उससे पहले उन्होने अपने हाथो से मेरी कमर दबोच ली.

और मेरे फोर्हेड पे किस करी और कहा चुप हो जाओ थोड़ी देर

सच कह रहा हू प्यार हो गया है आज रात मेरा साथ दे वरना मै अभी ये शादी तोड़ डालुगा, मै ये सुन के घबरा गई

जीजू ने इतना बोल के मुझे लीप किस करने लगे, ना चाहते हुए भी मै उनका साथ देने लगी

उफ़फ्फ़ क्या स्टाइल था उनकी किस करने का 5 मिनिट बाद मै भी उनका साथ देने लगी किस मे

अब वो मेरी नेक पे किस कर रहे थे और मेरी नाइटी के उप्पर से ही बूब्स दबा रहे थे.

मैं आखे बंद कर के बस फील कर रही थी क्यू की ये सब नया था मेरे लिए , फिर उन्होने मेरी नाइटी निकाल डाली और मेरे बूब्स देख के चोक गये और बोले रिया क्या फिगर है तेरा और बूब्स ज़ोर-ज़ोर से मसल ने लगे और चूसने लगे.

काटने लगे मैं बस आहह आउच बोल रही थी

मैं – जीजू क्या कर रहे हो मत करो मै लूट जाउंगी

जीजू – आज से तू मुझे अमित कह के बुलाएगी मुझे नही अच्छा लगता तेरा ये मुझे जीजू बुलाना

धीरे-धीरे उनका हाथ मेरी चूत की ओर बढ़ रहा था जो उनके टच करने से गीली होने लगी उन्होने अपनी मिड्ल फिंगर अंदर डाल दी, मेरी चीख निकल गई क्यू की चूत बहोत टाइट थी मेरी, मुझे ऐसे दर्द मे देख के जीजू बहोत खुश हो रहे थे.

फिर उन्होने अपना टी-शर्ट और लोवर निकाला जैसे ही मैने उनका लंड देखा, मै शॉक हो गई शायद से वो 8 इंच लंबा और 3 इंच मोटा था, जो टाइट हो गया था.

जीजू ने मेरा हाथ लेके अपना लंड थमा दिया और बोला इसे चूस और हिला अपने हाथो से, मै बोली इतना बड़ा लंड मै कैसे ले पाऊँगी वो बोले जान तू डर मत सब हो जाएगा.

इतना कह के उन्होने रूम का डोर अंदर से बंद किया और मुझसे लंड चुसवाया मैने करीब 10 मिनिट्स के लिए चूसा फिर जीजू ने मुझे अपनी गोद मे उठा लिया और बेड पे लिटाया

अब अपनी थूक मेरे चूत पे लगाई और चूत खोल के लंड डालने के लिए रेडी थे मेरे उप्पर आके मुझे किस कर रहे थे जैसे ही मैने किस करना स्टार्ट किया उन्होने लंड अंदर डाल दिया, एक झटके मे शायद वो 2 इंच जितना अंदर चला गया.

मेरी चीख निकल गई आहह मम्मी मर गई जीजू निकालो इसे बहोत दर्द हो रहा है जब उन्होने देखा मेरी चूत से खून निकल रहा है वो रुक गये

मेरे बूब्स दबाने लगे किस करने लगे जैसे दर्द कम हुआ उन्होने दूसरे झटके मे पूरा लंड डाल दिया, मेरे आसू निकल गये और उन्होने मेरी चुदाई स्टार्ट कर डाली, मुझे जनवरो के जैसा चोद रहे थे, मै उनकी हवस को ओर बढ़ावा दे रही थी.

मैं बस आहह ओह्ह्ह कर रही थी अब मुझे भी मज़ा आ रहा था मै बोल रही थी जीजू फक मी हार्डर…

जीजू ने मुझे एक थप्पड़ मारा और कहा जीजू नही अमित बोल या बेबी बोल

करीब 45 मिनिट्स की चुदाई के बाद उन्होने अपना सारा माल मेरी चूत मे छोड़ दिया, थोड़ी देर रेस्ट करने के बाद वापस मुझे बोला लंड चूस, आज पूरी रात तुझे चोदुगा, तू आज से तू मेरी रखेल है अपनी दीदी की शादी बचानी है तो मुझसे यूही चुदति रहे मै ये सुन के एक्साइट हो गई और उनका लंड चूसने लगी जो मेरी चूत के खून से सना हुआ था लंड खड़ा होने लगा अब उन्होने मेरे बूब्स के बीच लंड को घिसा और मुझे बोले घोड़ी बन जा मै उनकी हर बात मनती गई जैसे घोड़ी बनी.

उन्होने लंड चूत मे डाल के शॉट मारे अभी तक चूत टाइट थी, मै दर्द के मारे आ ओह्ह फक मी बेबी आहह आहह आह आह करने लगी उन्होने पीछे से मेरे बूब्स दबाना चालू रखा अब वापस 30 मिंट ठोकने के बाद मेरी चूत मे झड़ गये, थक के मेरे उप्पर ही लेट गये मैने उनको हग किया और सो गई…

नेक्स्ट डे जब आख खुली तो देखा पूरी बेडशीट खून से लाल हो गई है मैने अमित को उठाया…

आप स्टोरी देसीकाहानी. नेट पे पढ़ रहे है

मैं – गुड मॉर्निंग बेबी

अमित – गुड मॉर्निंग जान सुबे उठते ही मेरे बूब्स दबाने लगा मेरी चूत देख के हसने लगा क्यू की वो बहोत सूज चुकी है हम दोनो का मूड बन गया और इस बार मैने सामने से उनका लंड चूसा वो भी मेरे मूह की चुदाई करने लगे मैने कहा अब मेरी चूत चाटो तो अमित बेड से उतरा और नीचे बैठ के चूत चाटने लगा अब उसकी 3 उंगलिया अंदर चली जाती है.

इतनी चूत खुल गई थी मै गरम होने लगी अब अमित अपने लंड को चूत पे रगड़ने लगा मुझे तड़पाने लगा मुझसे रहा नही जा रहा था मैने खुद से लंड को सेट किया चूत पे और अंदर डाला.

लेकिन अमित बोला जान मुझे एनल सेक्स करना है तेरे साथ तो मै मान गई और उसने बॉडी लॉशन लिया और गांड पे लगा के एक ही शॉट मे आधा लंड डाल दिया और मेरी चीख निकल गई बट उसके पहले ही अमित मुझे किस करने लगा 15 मिंट के बाद उसने अपना पूरा माल मेरी गांड मे डाल दिया और मुझे किस करने लगा.

कल रात के लिए थैंक यू तू सच मे बहोत हॉट है और आज से मै तेरा पति हू भले शादी नही हुई हमारी इतना बोल के वो उठा मुझे किस कर के चला गया

बट मेरे से चला भी नही जा रहा था. , इतना पेन हो रहा था पर आब जब भी मोका मिलता है हम चुदाई करते है.